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Michael Torchia

Have You Hit A Weight Loss Plateau?

Everything started off so well! You changed the way you eat to a more balanced nutrious diet, you began exercising and the fat started to drop off but then all of a sudden it halted!

So what happened? More than likely when you changed the way you were eating by reducing your calorie intake slightly and started exercising you were burning more calories than your body was taking in hence the initial fat loss. But now your body is smaller you are burning the same amount of calories that you are taking in and therefore not losing any extra fat, you are just maintaining.

Are you with me?

So what do you do now? The two easiest options are:

1. Reduce your calorie intake again, but be careful, don’t restrict it by too much otherwise your body will go into starvation mode and store those calories as fat. Aim to reduce your calorie intake by about 20%, certainly no more than this. 

2. Increase the amount of physical activity you are doing or change your routine. The chances are your body has adapted to the routine you were doing previously so you now need to give it some extra spice either by picking up the intensity with some interval training or changing your weight training routine.

With the above in mind you should be able to get your body burning that excess fat again and say good bye to that plateau. I recommend keeping an eye on your measurements so that you know if you have hit a plateau early otherwise you may waste weeks of effort before you even realize it.

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