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Michael TorchiaOperation Fitness
Michael Torchia

The Fitness Machine

Stop wasting your money, it’s a bunch of crap!.. 99.9% of all the weight loss products on the market today will not give you the results they claim! 

There is no magic pill that will immediately change your metabolism or a secret gadget that gives you six pack abs in just 3 weeks.  In fact, after using these products and not getting the results as promised, most people feel even more discouraged then before.  The problem is most people would prefer to just take a pill and poof, get a new body.  Well, it doesn’t work that way.  You need to eat sensibly and select types of activities that will stimulate your body and most of all, your mind.  So many people fall prey to those slick advertisements selling the new diet pill or devices that promise to give them drastic results in no time at all.  This reminds me of that old saying, if it sounds too good to be true, it is!   

Beware of those late night or Saturday morning infomercials you see on television.  It’s modern day brainwashing! These infomercials are designed to target specific types of people and if you continue to watch them, they’ll eventually entice you to buy the garbage they are selling.  You will see soft, out of shape, unhappy people transformed in just a matter of weeks into sexy, hard bodied and happier individuals.  The people they use are models who are filmed doing the after photos first, then they’re told to go pig out and get bloated for the before shots.   It looks like the pill or device made the amazing change.  So do your self a favor, change the channel or shut off the TV!

It’s time to take the gloves off!  

How about the self-proclaimed fitness guru, Doctor Phil?  He claims to be an expert on obesity, when the guy himself is obese.  That’s like a drug addict claiming to be an expert on drug abstinence!  The definition of obesity is 30 pounds or more overweight.  In my professional opinion, the doctor is definitely 30 plus pounds over!  Do you really think he only wears those custom tailored suits to give the impression he’s a professional, hell no!  He’s hiding the rolls of fat that are oozing from the sides of his beltline!  Have you ever heard how he talks to anybody who’s obese, he’s mean, arrogant and lacks compassion, even with children.  This man became famous by riding on the coat tails of Oprah Winfrey and is a prime example of someone feeding off the epidemic of obesity in the United States.  All I can say is, Caveat Emptier!

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